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Longview | PEXA Whitepaper - Private Renting - A Broken System

By PEXA & Longview • 3 Apr 2023

three residential homes
Rent as proportion of disposable income graph

Rental affordability

Rental prices have been rising in Australia for decades. Low-income households disproportionately rent and pay a higher proportion of their income on rent.

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Frequency of moving by occupancy type in 5 years

Rental experience

In addition to high competition when searching for a property and low rental affordability, renters often face poor rental experiences. Frequently moving property is a common experience among renters.

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Rental experience by country graph breakdown

Australia is unusually bad for renters

The shortcomings of Australia’s private rental system are brought into sharp relief when compared to international models. The weakness of Australia’s rental system is clearest when we consider it in an international context.

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Graph showing property tax return distribution

Contrary to popular opinion, property is a highly variable form of investment

Despite the consistency and relative stability of growth in Australia’s property market as measured by price indices, the returns on individual residential investment properties are highly Variable.

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‘Private Renting – A Broken System’ is the second whitepaper in a three part series. View our first Whitepaper release to find out what drives house prices in Australia. 

Private Renting, A broken system - in the news

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