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Strategic partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

With the purpose of connecting people to place, PEXA’s strategic partnerships are a collaboration of likeminded institutions, creating opportunities and impact. 

By joining forces, our collective understanding creates action as we continuously champion the need for all citizens to have safe and affordable shelter. 

Victoria University partnership

Victoria University

To support the next generation of digital talent, PEXA has partnered with Victoria University as part of a two-year agreement to expand VU’s digital training. 

Victoria University signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will see PEXA and VU draw on the significant networks and capabilities of both organisations to create opportunities for the digital-ready workforce of the future. 

As a world’s first digital property exchange platform, we are proud to have revolutionised the way property is settled in Australia and are passionate about nurturing the new generation of digital talent. 

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Melbourne business school partnership

Melbourne Business School (Centre for Business Analytics)

In 2022, PEXA entered into a partnership with the Melbourne Business School and has supported business analytics’ students through internships with PEXA. This included hosting five masters-level students to work on a pricing project. PEXA and MBS are also working in collaboration on other important data policy projects. PEXA is also represented on the MBS Centre for Business Analytics Industry Advisory Board.

homes for homes pexa

Homes for Homes

Since 2021, PEXA has formally partnered with Homes for Homes, supporting their long-term promise to end homelessness in Australia. Backed by The Big Issue, Homes for Homes aims to help end homelessness in Australia by asking property owners to donate 0.1% of the sale price of their property.  

PEXA began embedding the Homes for Homes donation mechanism into their electronic conveyancing platform in 2018, helping to grow the program’s reach and awareness. 


SPP partnership

SPP (Strategic Project Partners)

With over 18 years of experience, SPP (Strategic Project Partners) is a leading strategy and improvement firm.  As a PEXA Accredited Partner, SPP will help financial services organisations of all sizes to achieve their goals and improve customer outcomes.  SPP will also partner with PEXA and its businesses including .id, Value Australia, Landchecker and Land Insight, to bring advisory and service solutions to complex problems, with a focus on both the financial services and government domains.  SPP also serves clients in property, education, research, and consumer markets.

Corporate Value Associates PEXA partnership

Corporate Value Associates (CVA)

Since 1987, Corporate Value Associates (CVA) has pioneered and remains the leader for developing, designing and delivering customer-centric value through constant innovation. With deep expertise in the financial services sector, CVA have worked with leading financial institutions, both in Australia and globally, to address new systemic trends and challenges that impact them. PEXA and CVA help deliver valuable insights that help drive operating model enhancements, customer relationship development and more.

Small Business Australia partnership

Small Business Australia

There are over 800,000 small businesses involved in providing products and services to the Australia property and home services sectors. With small businesses facing significant changes in customer preferences and technologies, our strategic alliance with Small Business Australia’s supports small businesses in PEXA’s eco-system to improve their financial and competitive performance.