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The PEXA group of brands deliver a new generation of data solutions that empower businesses, governments, and consumers to make more informed property-related decisions.

Investor Fact Sheet



Name:PEXA Group Limited
Business Description:

PEXA is a world-leading digital exchange and data insights proptech business. Since 2014, PEXA has facilitated more than 15 million property settlements through the PEXA Exchange in Australia.

Born out of a 2008 Council of Australian Governments’ initiative to transition property lodgement and settlement away from an outdated paper-based process to a more efficient digital settlement process, today more than 90% of all property transactions in Australia are completed via PEXA.

PEXA’s platform is integrated with six Land Titles Offices, five State Revenue Offices and the Reserve Bank of Australia and facilitates property settlements on behalf of more than 160 financial institutions and 10,000 practitioner firms.

PEXA has launched refinancing capability in the UK and operates an insights business that helps government and business unlock the future value of property and gain deep insight into demographic changes at a Local Government Area across Australia.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the PEXA Group operates across Australia and the UK. The company listed in June 2021.

Business Established:2010
Listings:PEXA Group Limited is listed on:The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Its securities are listed under ASX code: PXA
Registered Office:PEXA HQ: Level 16, 727 Collins St Melbourne, 3008
Board of Directors:

Mark Joiner, Independent Chairperson

Glenn King, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Vivek Bhatia, Non-Executive Director, and Link Group Nominee Director

Paul Rickard, Non-Executive Director and Commonwealth Bank of Australia Nominee Director

Melanie Willis, Independent Non-Executive Director

Helen Silver, Independent Non-Executive Director

Jeffrey Smith, Independent Non-Executive Director

James Orr, Company Secretary

Executive Management:

Glenn King, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Les Vance, PEXA CEO, AU

Joe Pepper, PEXA CEO, UK

Eglantine Etiemble, Group Chief Technology Officer

Sabina Sopov, Group Chief People Officer

Scott Butterworth, Group Chief Financial Officer

Share Registry:

Link Market Services Limited

Address: Level 12, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Contact Number: +61 1800 129 431


Auditor:Ernst & Young

ABN: 75 288 172 749

Address: 8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact Number: +61 3 9288 8000