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Our world-first online property completion experience is trusted by more than 10,000 legal and conveyancing firms in Australia. With more than 85% of the country’s property transactions flowing through our infrastructure, over AU$3 trillion of property value has transacted via PEXA. Now we’ve brought our technology to the United Kingdom, setting the new standard for remortgaging, buying and selling. UK
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“We have a strong history of building collaborative partnerships with leading technology providers, governments, lenders and the conveyancing sector, and together we are committed to delivering positive outcomes for the UK community and the broader economy.”

Glenn King

Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, PEXA

Housing completions reimagined for the UK market.

Working in collaboration with the industry, PEXA has designed and built a platform to provide remortgaging support for UK lenders, lawyers, and conveyancers in England and Wales.  

We have worked with the government and industry to establish the seventh net settlement payment system to clear through the Bank of England, and the only one dedicated to property transactions.

Our streamlined solution allows for funds exchange and lodgement simultaneously, reducing the administrative effort to facilitate completion. Funds move directly between lenders at a set time slot, removing the need for funds to be transferred prior to completion and we confirm when lodgement and registration has occurred with the land registry, providing all parties with timely updates.

We’re bringing a tailored PEXA to the UK, transforming the way property is transacted, beginning with remortgages and the home buying process.

Housing completions reimagined for the UK market.