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.id Informed Decisions

With more than 25 years’ experience converting national demographic, housing and economic trends into local stories, .id is Australia’s leading provider of tools and consulting services to support local area decision making. .id Informed Decisions
.id Informed Decisions

.id has become the trusted source of demographic and economic information for councils.

The team at .id has developed unique expertise in identifying and converting data into high-quality information, knowledge and insights. This is a skillset that is highly complementary to PEXA Insights’ vision.”

Scott Butterworth

PEXA’s Chief Financial and Growth Officer

Informing decisions that contribute to a good society.

.id is a team of geographers, demographers, economists, spatial analysts, urban planners, social researchers, forecasters, census data and IT experts. We study how cities, towns and regions are growing and changing. We convert national trends into local stories. 

The name .id stands for “informed decisions” and our work is to provide decision makers within government, industry and the community with accurate, accessible, easy-to-use information about communities and how they are changing. 

.id’s information tools and consulting services provide the evidence base to make place-based decisions such as where and when to prioritise budgetary expenditure, make capital investments and deliver services that meet local needs. 

.id enables customers to determine where to make key investments such as in infrastructure, housing, retail, and education facilities.

Informing decisions that contribute to a good society.

.id converts complex data into online tools that communicate stories of people and place. Available to the public, our tools support informed decisions about when and where to provide services, invest and advocate enabling business, government and the community to contribute to a better society.  

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