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When LexisNexis met PEXA…

By PEXA - 24 November 2017

When LexisNexis met PEXA…

“We know that lawyers are looking for ways to reduce the administrative effort involved in settling property transactions”….

When Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) unveiled its system for modernising home sales by taking transactions online a few year ago, the platform’s first phase comprised just mortgage lenders. The next critical stage included the scale and capability to accommodate the several thousand lawyers and conveyancers who annually finalise settlement for hundreds of thousands of real estate consumers.

A single set of businesses with the common goal of helping Australians buy into the home ownership dream quickly morphed into an entire ecosystem. Each player equally dependent on the other. The next challenge was to integrate the PEXA system into property lawyers’ daily workflow – their Practice Management solution. In the space of a few short years the platform emerged with the capability to support a fast-changing and growing network of everyone involved in the business of e-Conveyancing.

So it’s a major legal industry coup that today sees LexisNexis integrating its flagship Lexis Affinity Practice Management solution with PEXA in mid-November.

David Atherton-Cooper, from LexisNexis Legal Software division explains the integration this way: “We’ve had conversations about e-Conveyancing with firms of all sizes across the market. We know that lawyers are looking for ways to reduce the administrative effort involved in settling property transactions. Leveraging the information that already exists in their Practice Management systems will not only allow lawyers and conveyancers to streamline their workflow – it will also reduce the risk of inadvertent typographical errors,” he said.

By reducing the double-handling of information, our integration with PEXA will help lawyers stay focused squarely on the people who matter most: their clients. As we look forward to 2018 and beyond, there are exciting developments planned, including leveraging the capabilities of PEXA to support Commercial Property teams handling off-plan developer work. Our clients can look forward to the continued expansion of the PEXA integration with Affinity to create a vastly improved and efficient eConveyancing workflow.”

Find out more about integrating with PEXA here

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