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PEXA statement on third party incident

By PEXA - 6 October 2023

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PEXA Group Limited (PEXA) provides a final update regarding the recent third-party incident involving PEXA digital certificates.

The third party has confirmed to PEXA that it has concluded its investigation and that there is no identified or suspected compromise of its networks or systems. As previously communicated, the incident appears to be an isolated physical data storage device handling accident.

PEXA confirms that there remains no evidence of any impact on or compromise of PEXA’s systems or of the PEXA Exchange. All affected digital certificates have now been suspended and reissued.



From 8th October 2023


PEXA Group Limited (PEXA) says the PEXA Exchange remains unaffected by the incident, which involves the mishandling of a physical storage device by a third-party provider of digital certification, with the Exchange continuing to be fully secure and operational.

PEXA has been advised by the third-party provider that this isolated incident related to the improper handling of a physical storage device that contained a number of PEXA user digital certificates.

The third-party provider has confirmed that at this time it does not believe any network or computer system has been compromised.

Based on active monitoring of the PEXA Exchange, there is no evidence of misuse related to any of the affected user certificates. Any digital signing would still require a user to be authenticated with multi-factor authentication, and there is no evidence PEXA’s identity management has been impacted.

There is also no evidence that any of the relevant data has been published, and in relation to any personal information, this is confined to basic business contact details which, of itself, carries a low risk.

PEXA has been working with all relevant authorities. As a result, PEXA believes it has taken all appropriate action to manage this incident and considers that it represents a low risk.

The incident affects only a small number of PEXA Exchange subscribers, representing less than 1% of total subscribers. All affected users have been individually notified. As a precautionary measure, their certificates have been cancelled, with some exceptions made at the customer’s request as an interim measure to avoid impacting any transactions. Cancelled certificates are in the process of being reissued.

Subscribers can contact PEXA on 1300 084 515.



From 6th October 2023


PEXA Group Limited (PEXA) is investigating an incident involving the potential unauthorised access of user certificate data held by a third-party provider to PEXA and relating to a small number of PEXA users.

At all times, the PEXA Exchange has been and remains fully operational.

Based on the information available at this time, PEXA has no evidence to indicate that there has been any compromise of the PEXA Exchange itself, or of any systems of PEXA or that any user certificate has been misused.

There is also no evidence that any of the relevant data has been published, and the data itself is basic business contact information which, of itself, carries a low risk of causing harm.

Regarding the impacted user certificates, any digital signing would still require a user to be authenticated with multi-factor authentication and there is no evidence to suggest these elements of identity management have been impacted.

The incident does not involve the personal or financial information of any homebuyers or sellers.

PEXA has been advised by its third-party provider that, at this time, it does not believe any of its network or computer system was compromised.

Nevertheless, this issue is being given the highest level of attention within PEXA and all appropriate action is being taken.

All of the small number of affected users have been notified and that the integrity of the system remains intact. As a precautionary measure, PEXA has determined that it is appropriate to apply a conservative approach and will work with the third-party provider and affected users to reissue impacted certificates.

PEXA has alerted the relevant authorities and regulators and is working with them and the third-party provider on the matter.

A dedicated customer care line has been set up to support customers with any concerns or queries on:
1300 084 515.



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