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PEXA Plus to lift the game for online property settlements

By PEXA - 28 November 2018

PEXA Plus to lift the game for online property settlements

PEXA Plus, the new gateway to online property transactions, is now available in New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

Melbourne, 27 November 2018 – Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), Australia’s operational property exchange network, announced that PEXA Plus, its new gateway to online property transactions, is now available in three of the five states it operates in. PEXA Plus provides members with tools to manage their digital conveyancing workload, affording them more time to focus on customer service and growing their operations.

Studies show that digital conveyancing allows for an average time saving up to 7.5 hours1 per transaction for practitioners, meaning less time spent on the road and conducting administrative tasks and more time focused on their customers. PEXA Plus takes these efficiencies to the next level. It will operate as a gateway to the current PEXA platform and will assist PEXA members to manage multiple property settlements on one, easy-to-use dashboard. The user-friendly traffic light system will allow members to focus on the most urgent settlements first.

PEXA Plus was originally made available to a limited number of participants and has evolved based on feedback. It has since been made available to members in New South Wales, South and Western Australia. Members in Victoria and Queensland can expect to experience PEXA Plus soon.

Cornerstone Conveyancing Services was part of the first group of participants to use PEXA Plus earlier this year.

“PEXA Plus is a great tool and has helped us prioritise our work. It has streamlined the property settlement process and so far, we have completed more than 300 settlements on the platform. Having access to support tools and announcements through a handy widget helps us keep up to speed with any urgent notifications. Overall, we find it far more efficient than paper-based conveyancing,” Therese Ryan, Principal.

PEXA’s Chief Customer Officer, Lisa Dowie, said the launch of PEXA Plus was an exciting development for the organisation and was the realisation of many months of hard work by the PEXA team and its members who were pivotal in its creation.

“At PEXA, we’re constantly reviewing and monitoring our systems to ensure our platforms continue to exceed our members’ expectations and help them reap the benefits of digitsation. The launch of PEXA Plus will greatly enhance the PEXA platform, improve user experience and continue the Australian property industry’s digital journey. New tools to enhance the online transaction experience have already been introduced, including PEXA’s new ‘Walk-Thru’ capability,” Ms. Dowie said. 

“We’ve grown approximately 80% over the last seven months, with total transactions processed through the platform now over 1.8 million. This shows that the adoption of e-Conveyancing is increasing at a rapid rate. As a result, it’s essential we continue to focus on building and expanding our tools and offerings on the PEXA platform, so we can provide an ever-improving service offering for our members.

It doesn’t stop here. Just like our platform, PEXA Plus will continue to evolve based on feedback from our members. Over the next few months PEXA Plus will include Marketplace – that will offer members a range of products and services that meet their conveyancing needs. We envision that PEXA Plus will soon be the one-stop-shop for all conveyancing activities.”

1A combined savings of 3.25 hours (vendor) and 4.25 hours (purchaser) per transaction

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