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PEXA one of Australia’s Best Places to Work

By PEXA - 1 September 2016

PEXA one of Australia’s Best Places to Work

On a Tuesday evening in Australia’s harbour city, the leading cohort of Australia’s best employers came together to unveil Australia’s 2016 Best Place to Work – the annual independent barometer of a company’s cultural affluence and employee sentiment.

Entering the globally recognised scaling for the very first time, the PEXA team initially set out to establish a benchmark for the company.  

“Our initial thought was, let’s use the Great Place to Work survey to get a gauge on how the very best employers operate, and learn from them,” PEXA’s Chief People Officer Rebecca Evans said. “From there we can take those learnings and build initiatives to grow and expand upon what we felt was probably already a fairly solid base.”

And solid it was.

Flanked by some of Australia’s most well regarded businesses, the PEXA team waited in keen anticipation as company names were read out, through the forties, into the thirties then to top half of the list.

“We exist in a rapidly changing environment and our business constantly grows and evolves in support of that,” PEXA CEO Marcus Price said. “We’re acutely aware that we must continually evolve our culture and enable our people. Status quo is not an option in terms of our culture. Quite the opposite – we want our culture to continue to grow and adapt so we recruit with that in mind, we train our teams with that in mind and we measure our success as a business and as individuals with that in mind”.

PEXA has come a long way over the past few years, evolving from a single serviced office in Melbourne through to some 200 employees nationwide.  

“Our shared view of success bridges the geographic divide,” Rebecca said. “We come to work with the same goal and are driven by the same outcome, irrespective of where we’re based. We celebrate the same victories and workshop the same problems. There’s a real sense of comradery that comes with that.”

As the night wore on, and announcements surged towards the top end of the scale, a feeling of quiet achievement swept across the room.

“Just being here means so much to everyone at PEXA…to be regarded as being in the same cohort as Australia’s leading employers is a real honour. We’re a team, a solid unit. We were delighted to be in the top 50 employers in this country,” Marcus said. “The recognition that we’re on the right track and up there with many of the company’s we’ve long admired is testament to the entire team. It’s an absolute pleasure.”

PEXA was announced Australia’s 22nd Best Place to Work.  

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