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Founded in 2022, OPEX is a success story stemming from PEXA’s Launchpad program, an initiative designed by PEXA for Australian start-ups that transform the stakeholder experience within the property sector. Together with PEXA’s existing platform for property projects, the investment in OPEX enables an end-to-end transaction workflow, from digital contract exchange through to e-settlement. logo

PEXA’s investment in OPEX will enable greater data transparency for all stakeholders, and significantly enhance the customer experience

And with property developers accounting for approximately 15% of the property transaction market, we believe there is an opportunity to remove the friction of managing multiple transactions at once, and deliver an end-to-end, transparent platform for the benefit of property developers, law firms and financial institutions.” 

Scott Butterworth 

Chief Financial and Growth Officer

OPEX are revolutionising the way project sales are exchanged and settled.

Backed by a team of lawyers, software engineers and tech founders, the platform delivers efficiencies to law firms and conveyancing teams, while giving their property developer clients, agents and banks real-time visibility over the progress of property sales. 
The platform is much more than a digital signing tool, with comprehensive features helping drive real estate sales. These include mobile e-signing, easy project and master sales contract set-up, Buyer ID verification, e-settlements, integrations, special condition requests, project, marketing documents and more. 

OPEX, more than a digital signing tool helping property developers exchange real estate contracts faster.