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Founded in 2017, Elula has developed proprietary technology drawing on AI and machine learning that specialises in customer retention and customer acquisition. Elula has experienced compelling growth with strong early customer adoption of Elula’s signature products, providing financial institutions a positive impact on customer engagement and satisfaction.

Backed by artificial intelligence, Elula continues to drive positive impact by developing new ways to build a richer understanding of customers and their ever-changing needs, offering solutions for home loan lending and growth. 



Designed to future-proof your lending business

Elula helps home loan lenders predict customers who are most likely to churn (refinance or sell their property) within the next three months, and also predicts customers who are likely to apply for a home loan in the next six months.

Elula’s insights benefit lenders in the following ways:

  • Strengthen customer base and identify which customers are likely to churn
  • Take targeted, proactive steps to retain customers and contact them at the optimal time
  • Future horizon visibility of who is going to leave and why
  • Ability to prioritise high-value customers

A machine learning software company with solutions for home loan lending and growth.

Designed to future-proof your lending business